Women in Space 2019 Abstracts

First AuthorTitle
Aadland, E.Shedding Light on the Isolation of Luminous Blue Variables
Amrutkar, R.Feminism: Allied to gushing and impotent to handle stress
Amrutkar, R.RISAT-1 Hybrid (RH,RV) and Linear Dual (HH,HV) PolSAR Data Based Landuse/Landcover Classification
Battler, M.Where Science Meets Engineering: Increasing Rover Mission Efficiency and Capabilities
Bennett, K.USGS Step UP! Employee Empowerment Strategies: A Bystander Intervention Program for Scientific Workplaces
Bercovici, H.The Partitioning of Sulfur in the Parent Body of Psyche
Berea, A.From Genetic Networks to Planetary Atmospheres – Computational Simulation Approaches to Astrobiology
Clancy, J.1U CubeSat Deployment System for an 8” Inner Diameter Rocket
Clark, L.Distributed Motion Control to Minimize Age of Information in Robotic Sensor Networks
Denton, C. A.Fretted Channels and Closed Depressions in Arabia Terra, Mars: Origins and Implications for Subsurface Hydrologic Activity
Diniega, S.Present-Day Frost-Driven Geomorphic Changes on Martian Northern Dunes
Eifert, H.A.Progress of Women in the Geosciences: Insight from a Small Liberal Arts University
Eustice, M.Ready for the Red Planet: Rethinking Preparation Process for Space Analog Missions
Fisher, T.Atmospheric Chemical Reaction Network Topology as Potential Measure of Disequilibrium
Fitzpatrick, M. RyleighMapping the Surface Methane Abundance on Titan
Fulton, J.Dynamics Modeling Approach for Folded Deployable Spacecraft Structures with Elastic Hinges
Gaither, T.Planetary Nomenclature: A Brief History and Overview of Modern Methods
Gibson, J.Orbit Propagation for Satellite Optical Communications
Grier, J. A.Remote Mentoring of Postdocs – A Preliminary Look at Effective Approaches to Increase the Accessibility of Postdoc Opportunities
Grier, J. A.Space Ethics and Our Expanding Vision for Exploration: Core Conversations
Gullikson, A.Mars Global Digital Dune Database: Composition, Thermal Inertia, and Stability
Hasson, H.A Study of Magnetized Jet Stability Using High Energy Density Plasmas
Hendrix, A. R.Highlights from the SSERVI TREX Node
Huff, C.A Comparison of Hydrodynamic Mixing in Stellar Evolution Codes Tycho and Geneva
Kapoor, B.A Better Use of the Mars Moment
Lamm, S. N.String-Model of Curiosity to Demonstrate Physical Size for Outreach
Lemack, C.One Launch, A Thousand Sparks: How Space-Based Education Can Inspire All Learners
Louden, E.Characterization of HATS-34b and HATS-46b Using TESS and Gaia
Lucas, M.Launching Student Passion about STEM through Exciting Higher Orbits Programs
Mankar, A.From Spacecraft to Impact: How Women are Pioneering New Space Companies
McAdam, M.The Collective: A Non-Traditional Diversity Seminar and its Efficacy
Obertas, A.Dynamical Sculpting of Compact Planetary Systems
Patterson, R.Using CT Scanning to Examine Lunar Regolith Porosity Collapse as a Function of Depth
Phillips, C. B.Exploration of Europa
Rathbun, J. A.Io’s Loki Volcano: An Attempt to Explain its Tricky Behavior
Rathbun, J. A.The American Astronomical Society’s Division of Planetary Sciences Professional Culture and Culture Subcommittee (PCCS)
Rathbun, J. A.Women of Color in Planetary Science
Rickman, E.Investigating Giant Planet Formation Through the Detection and Characterisation of These Sub-Stellar Companions
Riesbeck, L.The Role of Norms and Best Practices in Commercial Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO) and On-Orbit Satellite Servicing (OOS)
Rucker, K.Practical Metallization of 3D Printed Antennas for Microgravity
Ruel, S.The Canadian Women of Alouette I and II Satellites: Gendered ‘Histories’ of Space Exploration
Rumpf, M. E.Planetary Cards: A Fun and Interactive Card Game for Learning about Water in the Solar System
Rutledge, A. M.Rock and Ice on the Red Planet: Glaciers as a Source of Silica on Mars
Sahoo, S.Study of Electrification in Uttar Pradesh, India using Nighttime Satellite Data
Sarma, M. S.Sex Differences in Body Composition, Physical Activity, and Total Energy Expenditure When in a Challenging and Novel Environment
Sharma, P.Mission Planning for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Mission
Sunda, A.Sediment Analysis at Martian Analog
Sunda, A.Data Integrity Management in the PDS Cartography and Imaging Sciences Node
Tai Udovicic, C.Codes of Conduct for Astronomy Conferences and Meetings
Tiscareno, M. S.Radial Distribution of Textures in Saturn’s Main Rings
Ventura, C.Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Phenomenology